Pursuant to the present government cardinal objective to strengthen the Internal Security architecture in the Country, the Federal Government, re-established the Ministry of Police Affairs out of the former Ministry of Interior.

The Ministry is unique when compared to other Ministries on the basis of its statutory mandate as enshrined in section 5, 147 and 148 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Ministry is to, among others initiate, formulate and implement policies and programs relating to policing and internal security as well as to provide supervision and administrative support to the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), the Police Academy (POLAC) and the newly established Nigeria Police Trust Fund (NPTF).

The Ministry is to provide political will and administrative support for the Nigerian Police Force to operate as an efficient, well motivated, well equipped and people friendly police.

In the present administration renewed determination is being pursued to conscientiously tackle the security challenges facing the country through boosting the funding of the Nigeria Police Force, the President of the federal Republic of Nigeria signed into law, “The Nigeria Police Trust Fund Establishment Act, 2019” on 24th June, 2019.

Our Mandate

Safety and security of all Nigerians

Our Mandate is to ensure the safety and security of all Nigerians and help provide conducive environment to guarantee peaceful coexistence among the citizenry and enabling environment for socio-economic development and sustainable livelihood for the citizenry.

Our Vision

To reposition the Nigeria Police Force to be efficient, well-motivated, well equipped and people friendly and improve its capacity to face modern day security challenges.

Our Mission

To formulate and implement policies, standards and practices as well as maintain institutions for the Training, development and growth of a professionalized Nigeria Police Force.

Functions of the

Ministry of Police Affairs

Formulate and implement policies and programmes that will ensure effective and efficient policing and internal security.
Provide technical assistance and administrative support for the Nigeria Police Force to ensure maximum service delivery.
Initiate, and implement projects and programmes that will enhance the welfare of police and provide enabling conditions for effective policing across the country
Monitor and evaluate the overall implementation of policies, programmes and projects relating to Policing and Internal Security in the Country
Sensitize and engage appropriate stakeholders to promote funding and investment on policing as well as participation of the Citizenry on policing and security
Liaise with appropriate Organ(s) of Government on matters relating to Police Council.
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