Human Resource Management

Mission and Focus of the department

To adequately engage and properly coordinate human and material resources, for the actualization of the day-to-day activities of the Ministry.


The Human Resource Management Department is one the major departments in the Ministry of Police Affairs, that is saddled with myriads of responsibilities. Among these responsibilities/functions are;

Appointment and documentation of newly recruited staff and newly deployed staff from various pool
Taking charge of all Promotion matters
Discipline of erring officers in line with the provision of Public Service Rules
Training of staff for job effectiveness and efficiency
General staff welfare matters.

The Appointment, Promotion and Discipline (APD) division is further sub-divided into two (2) branches:

- Appointment and Discipline (A&D)

- Promotion

However, Units under the Appointment, Promotion and Discipline (APD) division are as thus;


Appointments generally take charge of documentation, posting, regularization of appointment, manpower budgeting and record maintenance as regard the career progression of officers. Under the Appointment Unit are;

Open Registry

- Responsible for all filing system of the Ministry; personal files, incoming and outgoing files.

- Receipt and dispatch of files

- Custodian of all documents in the personal and policy files of the ministry

Records & Establishment

- Responsible for documenting all staff of the ministry

- Prepares Assumption and Resumption Certificate

- Prepares Record of Service

- Prepares variation for the IPPIS to liaise with Account Department to effect payment

- Leave matters

- Change of name

- Next of kin and other establishment matters

Nominal Roll

- The Nominal Roll Unit is responsible for collating all the antecedents of staff, prepared in a template form for easy access in terms of Seniority, Age, Date of 1st Appointment, Present Appointment, Grade level, State of origin, Local Government and other related issues

- Directly participates in the Manpower Budget preparation of the ministry


Discipline unit takes charge of the disciplinary procedure on erring staff in accordance with the Public Service Rule. It has a single section under it called Secret Registry.


The Promotion branch, under the APD division, takes charge of matters relating to conversion, upgrading/advancement, Annual Performance Evaluation Report (APER) as well as general promotion matters.

The Training and Staff Welfare (T&SW) division is sub-divided into two (2) branches, namely Training and Staff Welfare.


The training branch takes charge of all training matters, both foreign and local, for staff efficiency and effectiveness.


The Staff Welfare branch is responsible for general staff welfare and has one unit under it i.e. Pension unit.


  • 10th Floor, Phase3, Ministry of Police Affairs.
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