Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Department is part of the Internal Control Mechanism of the Ministry of Police Affairs. It functions by measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of Internal Control system of the Ministry.


Preparation of detailed annual audit programme usually at the beginning of the year.
Carrying out of 100% pre-payment audit of all payment vouchers.
Periodic auditing of other sections of the Finance and Account Department, Advances, CPO, Revenue, and others.
Periodic auditing of stores, transport, and other units.
Periodic auditing inspection of Police Formations in the Six Geo-Political Zones in sensitizing on the on-going capital projects.
Preparation and submission of monthly, quarterly, Half year, and yearly audit progress report to the Accounting Officer with copies to the Accountant General and Auditor General of the Federation.
To ensure that government policies are executed at the right time.
To ensure the safeguard of government’s physical assets by carrying out regular Audit inspection within the Ministry of Police Affairs.
To carry out investigation, inspection and other tasks as may be assigned by the Management from time to time.
Assist the Federal Auditors by reducing their workload as to in-depth vouching of records by the Internal Audit.
Carry out pre-audit on payment vouchers before payment are made.
Verify contract awards, job orders and expenditures within the approved budget.
Ensure procurement procedures are followed as prescribed in the FR and other extant rules.


  • Federal Secretariat Phase III, 11TH Floor
  • 08033154789
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