Finance and Accounts


The Department of Finance and accounts of the Ministry of Police Affairs serves as a technical support arm to the Accounting Officer of the Ministry in the areas of budget preparation and accounting for financial stewardship.

Mission and Focus of the Department

The department is responsible for management of the financial resources of the ministry. Providing sound advice to the Accounting Officer on best practices as stipulated in the Financial Regulations and on compliance with extant rules. It is also responsible for the preparation of the draft of the Ministries budget which is presented to the National Assembly for approval. The department also exercises budgetary control on the manner in which expenditure is carried. This is in a bid to achieve targeted results, reduce wastages and achieve operational efficiency.

Functions of the Department

Ensuring that the Financial Regulations are complied with in the transactions of the ministry.
Providing sound financial advice to the accounting officer on how best to manage and apply the available financial resources.
Maintaining the accounting books and records accurately for all disbursements of the ministry.
Collecting, recording and reporting all revenue accruing to the ministry.
Compiling and defending the budget proposal of the ministry.
Managing staff performance and capacity through appropriately designed training programmes.
Liaising with the Accountant General of the Federation.
Ensuring prompt rendition of all returns as promptly and regularly as prescribed by the Financial Regulations.

Units and Divisions under the department are;

Accounts Budgets

This has the following units under it

- Cash Office

- Other Charges Section

- Capital Section

- Audit Query Section

- Checking Section

- Advances Section

- Final Accounts Section

- Accounts Admin

- Recurrent Section

- Capital Section


  • 11th Floor, Wing B, Phase 3, Federal Secretariat Building.
  • 08163866161
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