Stock Verification

Stock Verifiers are members of the General Store Class created by the Federal Ministry of Establishment ref. No. B14660/VII/69 dated February, 1976.  Although the history about Stock Verifiers was said to have started far back to the British Colonial Civil Service, very little records are available at the defunct Public Works Department (PWD) now Federal Ministry of Works and Housing about their early existence.

The Stock Verification was made a cadre in the Public Service of Nigeria viz Government Official Gazette No. 133 Vol. 71 of 22nd February, 1984.  The approved Schemes of Service, the Extant Government Circulars, Financial Regulation No. 2018, 2020, 2506, 342 (e) and indeed Chapter 28 of the Financial Regulations of 2006 detailed out the enormity of responsibilities bestowed on the cadre by the Government.


Statement of Service Provided

The functions of Stock Verification Unit include; Verification and post Verification of stores stated as follows:

  1. Physical Verification of all Store items to ensure that they tally with the bin cards and store ledger;
  2. Ensuring that all issued and consumption of stores are properly authorized and made to the rightful places required;
  3. Stores handling, security arrangements and safety precaution such as fire extinguishers, smoke alarm etc are adequate;
  4. Identification, segregations and removal of unserviceable items;
  5. Stock survey of all plants, vehicles, vessels, furniture, equipment in use in all Government offices and quarters;
  6. Ensuring that all replaced stores, part warn stores, in the process of the works and service with FR. 3603, 3604, 3605 and 3606;
  7. Stock taking and investigations of losses of stores when:

(a)       theft occurred or suspected,

(b)       fraud has occurred or suspected,

(c)       there is misappropriation or suspected,

8. Checking and handling over of store in the absence for new store keeper or officers in charge of stores; and
9. The Verifier is expected to submit a periodic, half, yearly and annual stock verification reports on stores checked to the Accounting Officer/Chief Executive for necessary action on discrepancies, losses and unserviceable stores.


Details of Customers

  1. All Store Officers and various department, division and units.
  2. Contractors and Auctioneers.



Our mission is to satisfactory meet the demands of the Ministry / Police, teaming Contractors both in the Headquarters, the State Command and indeed the entire Police formations in the most effective manner, using the technical proficiency through effective resource management of our inventories in line with the spirit of SERVICOM to contribute to the growth and sustenance of the Nation’s economy.



As a control organ, our goals are to continuously improve our services to implementing the desire of Government to advance effective management of inventory in Government establishments. Our activities are centred on quality, quantity and value for money.


Service Provision Or Delivery

The Stock Verifiers renders the following services to customers:

  1. That approved supply procedure are compiled with.
  2. That the quantity and quality of stock supplied by contractors are in accordance with specifications on contract Agreement/Local Purchase order.
  3. That prices of stocks/items purchased are fair and reasonable.
  4. That stock delivered are properly documented and taken on store charge.
  5. That work/repair, jobs and services are verified.
  6. That payments are made only for stock supplied and works / repairs, jobs and services are actually rendered.
  7. That stock/items procured through cash advances, Out of Pocket Expenses are verified.
  8. The Unit also ensure checking, stamping and signing of Store Receipt vouchers, Contract Agreement and Job Certificate for services and supply of stocks.
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